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By Jeremy Dezani


Welcome to “Player Focus”!

“Player Focus” is a short interview with one of the greatest MTG players in the world. The goal is to present the player and his MTG profile to Japanese and international communities. “Player Focus” will feature a different player each time.

Christian Calcano

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This Time we have Christian Calcano(@CCalcano).

Christian Calcano is a Pro Player from the United States of America. He has two wins, at GP Minneapolis 2012 and GP Atlantic City 2015, in nine total top eight finishes. He has also three additional top 16 finishes, and at the Pro Tour: Ammonket he has won the top eight awards.



First Name: Christian
Last Name: Calcano
Age: 30
Nationality: American
lifetime Pro Points: 331
Pro Level 2018/2019: Gold/Silver

Occupation / Hobbies outside MTG

I love to watch Sports!

When did you start MTG? Which set? How did you discover the game?

End of 2003 is when I first learned to play through a friend at a card store in New York. “Darksteel” was the first prerelease I played and after that I never looked back.

What famous player influenced you the most to become a professional player?

Julien Nuijten

Image Copyright : MAGIC: THE GATHERING

Seeing Julien Nuijten win Worlds in 2004 really inspired me to want to make it to the Pro Tour. Then the globetrotters like Kenji Tsumura, Shuhei Nakamura, Tomoharu Saito, Olivier Ruel, and Martin Juza all inspired me to want to become a GP grinder later on in my career.

Previous Achievements

Pro Tour Top 8: 1

Grand Prix Top 8: 9

Others: 3 PT Top 16, and 11th Place 2017 World Championship

If you have one, who is your favorite Japanese Player and why?

Kenji Tsumura

Image Copyright : MAGIC: THE GATHERING

It’s a difficult question because I’m a fan of so many, but if I had to pick one it would be Kenji Tsumura. He’s one of my heroes and I remember always checking coverage to see how he would do.

Favorite MTG Format and why?

Draft because I feel it captures every aspect of the game and can be played from a casual level all the way up to a professional level. There’s no better way to get a better understanding of the game than drafting.

Favorite MTG Decks (in each format)

Standard: UB Control (Time Spiral)

DamnationMystical Teachings

Modern: Abzan (《Doran, the Siege Tower》)

Doran, the Siege Tower

Legacy: Grixis Delver (《Deathrite Shaman》)

Deathrite Shaman

What is your favorite deck ever (decklist)?

This was among one of my favorite decks I played at a PT, it was a UB Vampires deck that myself and a player named Øyvind Andersen worked on for PT Paris 2011. I went 7-3 with it and finished in the top 64!

Creeping Tar PitNantuko ShadeInquisition of Kozilek

What is your favorite card in War of the Spark? Where do you think we can see play this card ?

Liliana, Dreadhorde General

Definitely 《Liliana, Dreadhorde General》! Card seems very powerful and should definitely make its way into the BG decks in Standard!

What was your best experience in a MTG tournament?

Christian Calcano

Image Copyright : MAGIC: THE GATHERING

For me personally, it was easily competing in the 2017 World Championship. Playing on that stage along side the greatest players in the game was very special.

Talk to us about your testing team members? How do you guys met and prepare for events?

Well, my teammates are players from all over the world, mostly Europe and Asia. We discuss and test online leading up to the event then meet up a few days prior in person to test live. I honestly don’t think I could pick one teammate for those.

Tell us about your MTG schedule this year. What event are you going to join?

These are the events I’ll definitely be playing in, may add some SCG Opens and MCQs as well depending on how my year goes.

MC London, GP Providence, SCG CON, MC Barcelona

How do you like Japan? What are your favorite things to do in Japan and what is your favorite dish? Are you planning to come to Japan in the near future?

Japan is one of my favorite countries in the world. I like to go out to eat, play at arcades, and party with friends. I’m not sure when is the next time I will visit but hopefully soon!

Recently your good friend Andrea Mengucci won the Mythic Invitational, the biggest prize pool ever. What this inspire to you? What do you think about the growth of MTG and the future of MTG?

Andrea Mengucci

Image Copyright : MAGIC ESPORTS

I was incredibly excited to see Andrea win and I think this is only the beginning for Magic. I always dreamed of Magic one day having tournaments like this with so many viewers and huge prize pools and we’re finally here.

His win certainly inspires me to put in more work and try to become the best that I can be so I can hopefully join him and the rest of my friends in the MPL.

In London, during the Mythic Championship, we saw a new Mulligan Rule. What are your thoughts about it?

Well most of the talk has been about its affect on Modern, but I’m more excited about how it plays for Limited. Having this added level of consistency should make for less non-games and more epic matches so I’m excited for that!

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