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Jeremy Dezani

Jeremy Dezani

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Welcome to “Player Focus”!

“Player Focus” is a short interview with one of the greatest MTG players in the world. The goal is to present the player and his MTG profile to Japanese and international communities. “Player Focus” will feature a different player each time.

Javier Dominguez

Image Copyright : Wizards of the Coast

This time we have Javier Dominguez (Twitter / Twitch)!!!



First Name: Javier
Last Name: Dominguez
Age: 32
Nationality: Spain
lifetime ProPoints: 335
Pro Level 2018/2019: Platinum

Occupation / Hobbies outside MTG

Magic! I also like to play Tennis.

When did you start MTG? Which set? How did you discover the game?

Mystic SnakeLightning AngelPhyrexian Arena

I discovered the game during Apocalypse when my cousin introduced the game to me.

What famous player influenced you the most to become a professional player?

Christian Calcano

Image Copyright : Wizards of the Coast

Marcio Carvalho, who always insisted that I could get there if I worked hard enough.

Previous Achievements

Mythic Championship / Pro Tour Top8: 2
Grand Prix Top 8: 10
Others: Two Worlds Top4, winning on 2018.

If you have one, who is your favorite Japanese Player and why?

Kenji Tsumura

Image Copyright : MAGIC: THE GATHERING

Kenji Tsumura! I Was a huge fan when I was younger; he’s always a pleasure to watch playing.

Favorite MTG Format and why?

I like all the formats almost equally! It’s probably Legacy or Cube since I like playing with powerful cards but I also like the fact that in Limited games are always very different. That’s why Cube is a good balance for me.

Favorite MTG Decks (in each format)

Wildgrowth WalkerArclight PhoenixCephalid Illusionist

Standard: Sultai Explore
Modern: Izzet Phoenix
Legacy: Cephalid Breakfast
Commander: Sultai

(Editor’s Note: this interview was conducted before the Standard rotation.)

What is your favorite deck ever (decklist)?

Standard Selesnya Tokens.

Sylvan AdvocateGideon, Ally of ZendikarArchangel Avacyn

What is your favorite release card from M20 and Modern Horizons?

Knight of the Ebon LegionForce of Negation

《Knight of the Ebon Legion》: I think the card offers a lot of decisions for both players were it on the battlefield.

《Force of Negation》: I think it’s good to have answer to turn1 combo decks.

What are your thought about London Mulligan? Should we get it permanently?

I like the London Mulligan, and I just think it’s a better option for most formats since it makes it less likely to mana screw. I think it might be worse for formats like Vintage, but I’m not an expert there.

What was your best experience in a MTG tournament?

Javier Dominguez

Image Copyright : MAGIC: THE GATHERING

Winning Worlds on 2018. It really doesn’t compare to anything else ^^

Is being a MTG Pro has been your goal since the begin? Can you tell us what other life options you had in mind when you start to play?

Being a MTG Pro was more of a dream than a goal, and I actually only happened relatively late in my life (around 30). I never thought I was realistical goal for me, but once I was Gold Level I decided to give it a try, and here I am!

I also player other games like Poker and Hearthstone, but I eventually just got back to Magic since I just think it’s the best game.

You finished second then become World Champion the very next year. What did you change to come from a very good player to one of the best in the world ? What bring you to the next level?

Being conscious of how much I needed to learn to become one of the best was a big step for me. I once read in an article that the difference between a very good player and the best was huge, but I never really understood how true that was.

Javier Dominguez

Image Copyright : MAGIC: THE GATHERING

I was only able to feel that difference by testing with teammates that were way better than me, like Lee Shi Tian, Andrea Mengucci and the rest of the formerly known as Mintcard Team who really helped me a lot to get there.

Once I knew how much I had to learn, studying the game during countless hours was how I improved. It wasn’t a fast process but I do really enjoy the feeling of getting better in a game.

You recently started streaming on Twitch. What are your ambitions with streaming and how do you like it so far?

It took me a few weeks to get used to stream but I absolutely love it now. The support I’m getting from the community is just wonderful.

I don’t really have any ambitions with it since I don’t see it as a competitive activity. I’m just trying to have a good time and make people that come watch me enjoy it as well.

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