Hareruya Exclusive: Commander Legends – Preview Card!

Hareruya Media Team

Hareruya Media Team

Commander Legends! Coming Soon!

Commander Legends

Hello, Magic fans from around the world! We are the Media Team from Hareruya.

The Wizards of the Coast has given us card previews to show everyone from the upcoming Commander Legends which is to be released on November 20th!

We love Commanders and we are all excited to be able to show some of the cards to be printed in Commander Legends. Let’s dive into the cards previews!

Preview Cards

《Esior, Wardwing Familiar》

Let us show you the first card!

Esior, Wardwing FamiliarEsior, Wardwing Familiar

《Esior, Wardwing Familiar》.

A Legendary Creature with the Partner ability, and 《Esior》 requires your opponents to pay 3 more mana to cast spells targeting your Commander.

《Esior》 itself costs only 2 mana and is easy to cast, so you would like to partner it with a Commander that you want to have it stay on the battlefield. Perhaps a Commander that could be expected to deal great Commander damage would be good.

Wizards of the Coast has already announced that mono-colored Commanders with Partner will be contained in Commander Legends, but you can also partner them with Commanders with Partner cards that were printed in the past.

Akiri, Line-Slinger

When it comes to partnering with past Partner cards, 《Akiri, Line-Slinger》 comes to mind as a good candidate.

You get to build your deck with the Jeskai color and blue is a color that goes well with artifacts. A great way to make more use of Akiri’s power. Also, 《Akiri, Line-Slinger》 would be reprinted in Commander Legends, thankfully!

Edric, Spymaster of Trest

《Esior》 is also strong enough when it isn’t a Commander. If 《Esior》 is used in an 《Edric, Spymaster of Trest》 deck that has a plan to attack opponents successfully, 《Esior》 would make it harder to remove 《Edric》 and it is also a flyer that can attack regardless of opponent blockers.


The second card is 《Hullbreacher》.


It forbids the opponents from drawing cards other than their first draw during their draw step, and it gives you a treasure token instead of their draw.

It has to be noted that it has flash. If you have experienced being cast 《Notion Thief》 before your big card draws resolve, you would know that it is really hard to play around it.

Notion ThiefWindfallWheel of Fortune

If you cast 《Hullbreacher》 when you or an opponent casts a 《Windfall》 or a 《Wheel of Fortune》, you alone get the draws. On top of that you can cast cards you drew using the treasure tokens that 《Hullbreacher》 prepared for you. This is an upside that 《Notion Thief》 doesn’t have, and it would be really great to be able to use your new hand before passing the turn to the next player.

It’s also great that it only requires one blue mana as a colored mana cost. It makes it much easier to cast than 《Notion Thief》 or 《Narset, Parter of Veils》!

The combo using those with with the draw 7 sorceries are already used frequently. We’ve got another card to use in the shell.

It is also a card from a major tribe, the Merfolk, so it would be a new option for the Legacy format merfolk decks. Can’t wait to cast it against 《Brainstorm》!

《Mana Drain》

The last preview is 《Mana Drain》.

Mana Drain

First printed in Legends, one of the strongest counter spells is going to be reprinted in Commander Legends. Speaking about the common word in the set names, it might have been a matter of course to have it in this set.

《Counterspell》 was already strong enough to not be allowed in the Modern format, but 《Mana Drain》 is significantly stronger than it.

Counter target spell, and add an amount of colorless mana equal to the countered spells converted mana cost at the beginning of your next main phase. It gives you increased rewards when the countered spell has a heavier mana cost.

Tooth and NailExpropriate

You will have enough mana to cast everything when you counter spells like 《Tooth and Nail》 or 《Expropriate》.

It gives you chance to start turning the table even when you are getting tracked down, making it a grateful option to include a copy in any blue deck.

The recent rise of the Commander format’s popularity was making it harder to get one, so we’re glad to see it in the set.

There is even a chance to get 《Mana Drain》s with extended-art frames from collector boosters!

Mana Drain


We shared with you 3 previews of cards from the Commander Legends. We can’t wait to use them and we hope you are feeling the same as us too!

Commander × Limited

The fascinating points of Commander Legends are not just about new prints and reprints. The set is designed so you can play Commander in a Limited format! You don’t need to bring your own deck, all you need to play Commander are booster packs of Commander Legends.

Some might doubt if that is really possible, but the fact that Commander Legends is designed to make it possible to play Limited makes the set even greater.

Picking two cards at once to get good synergies, having mono-colored Partner Commanders, allowing duplicates of cards, including 2 legendary creatures in each pack, and having 《The Prismatic Piper》 that can become any color. It has many mechanics to make building decks easier!


Gather with friends, play Limited in a multiplayer format. The Commander Legends is a set that brings us that rare and fun experience!

See you next time!

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