Two Brews for Modern Horizons 2

Kelvin Chew


I am excited for the release of Modern Horizon 2 and the preview season certainly got me to excited try and build new brews. Today I will be talking about the 2 new brews that I am interested to try out once Modern Horizon 2 is released on Magic Online.

《General Ferrous Rokiric》

General Ferrous Rokiric

The first card that I am excited about is 《General Ferrous Rokiric》, The effect seems strong enough in Modern to create a new archetype base on it and he is also immune to most of the common removal that is played in Modern now. It reminds me of 《Winota, Joiner of Forces》, if an opponent does not answer him immediately, he can just easily take over the game.


So how do we abuse the ability of 《General Ferrous Rokiric》? 《Manamorphose》 first came to mind as it is a free spell and allows us to at least create 2 golems by following it up with any multicolored spell. He also pairs well with Cascade card like 《Shardless Agent》 and 《Bloodbraid Elf》 as it allows us to create multiple golems at once if we build our deck correctly.

Shardless AgentBloodbraid Elf

The good part of 《General Ferrous Rokiric》 is even if we draw multiple copies of it, we can just cast it and convert it into a 4/4 golem even though it is legendary.

Deck List

For now, this is the current build I am interested to try. This build is tuned more toward aggressive metagame with 《Reflector Mage》 and 《Voice of Resurgence》 in the mainboard. We can move 《Meddling Mage》 to the main if we expect more combo.

Gaddock TeegMeddling MageKnight of AutumnMantis Rider
Sin CollectorSpell QuellerNiv-Mizzet RebornLightning Helix

Playing a multicolored deck opens up a lot of options for us. These are some of the other good multicolored spells worth considering.

Ignoble Hierarch

The goal is to have a turn 1 accelerator and cast 《General Ferrous Rokiric》. Now we are able to play 8 Hierarch thanks to the printing of 《Ignoble Hierarch》 and exalted is not to be taken lightly in this creature heavy deck. We also have 《Eladamri’s Call》 which allow us to consistently find and cast 《General Ferrous Rokiric》 on turn 3.

Bant Stoneblade

The second deck that I am excited to try out is my old favorite Bant Stoneblade. It certainly gets a lot of upgrade in Modern Horizon 2 especially with the evoke cycle, 《Subtlety》 and 《Solitude》. It makes predicting what is coming next really hard for the opponent.

Deck List

This is the decklist that I will be trying.



《Subtlety》 certainly plays well to our flash game plan. As a 4 mana 3/3 flyer, the rate is not bat to consider that it can be cast as a free spell which is good especially when you tap out to resolve one of your planeswalkers. With the printing of counterspell in Modern, I expect more people will play 《Veil of Summer》 and this dodge 《Veil of Summer》 and 《Cavern of Souls》 nicely. It also combines nicely with 《Sword of Feast and Famine》. The slower the meta, the better 《Subtlety》 is.



《Swords to Plowshares》 is a very powerful effect, this would certainly be a 4 of in the deck if it cost 4 mana instead. Its effect is very good against 《Death’s Shadow》 as it just kills any number of them while also decent against 《Scourge of the Skyclaves》. It can even answer 《Emrakul, the Aeons Torn》 from Blue Red 《Through the Breach》 as it only targets when entering the battlefield. The evoke cycle also works well with 《Teferi, Time Raveler》 and 《Jace, the Mind Sculptor》 as we can just bounce it back to our hand and reuse it.

《Kaldra Compleat》

Kaldra Compleat

《Stoneforge Mystic》 also get new equipment in form of 《Kaldra Compleat》, this is better against a non-interactive deck that does not have many answers to 《Stoneforge Mystic》, like Eldrazi Tron, combo deck, etc as it can just put out a faster clock against them. It might replace 《Sword of Fire and Ice》 depending on how the metagame form.

《Prismatic Ending》


I like this card a lot, it answers a lot of problematic permanents like 《Aether Vial》, 《Wrenn and Six》, 《Utopia Sprawl》, 《Chalice of the Void》 while also good against all the prowess creatures. Maybe this will replace 《On Thin Ice》 as it also makes 《On Thin Ice》 bad if this see a decent amount of play.



This is a huge upgrade over 《Mana Leak》 but double blue might make it hard to cast consistently in our 3 colors deck, more testing will be needed to know whether this is worth it. If things did not pan out, we can play 《Lose Focus》 as this is also another upgrade over 《Mana Leak》.



That marks the end of my article. Modern Horizon 2 is certainly going to shake up Modern, there will be plenty of new decks and I am excited to try them out. For now, let get to work on our brews. Happy Brewing!!

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