What Deck Should You Use Qualifier Weekend?

Marcio Carvalho


Hi guys Marcio here,

This weekend we’ll have another Qualifier Weekend on MTG Arena, so I want to share my analysis of the metagame and the 3 decks I would pick to play if I would play this event:

Jund Sacrifice

The first deck that I want to talk about is Jund Sacrifice.

Jund Sacrifice

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This deck has been in the metagame for so long and it’s impressive how it can still be a great choice. The engine is very powerful and very good to grind control and annihilate aggro decks. Let’s talk about some card choices:

Ravenous Squirrel

《Ravenous Squirrel》: This card gives you another synergy card to make ovens and 《Cauldron Familiar》 a complete nightmare. On top of it, it’s a draw engine. I agree that it can be a little slow but it helps a lot when you don’t draw the forth 《Trail of Crumbs》. It solidifies the consistency of the deck making the percentage of games where you do your stuff even higher.

Korvold, Fae-Cursed KingBinding the Old GodsThoughtseize

《Korvold, Fae-Cursed King》 has made its way in and out of the deck in different instances, but I believe it’s position as King is now uncontested. 《Binding the Old Gods》 is a catch all card that helps you ramping into your late game too.

One thing I like in this decklist is 4x 《Thoughtseize》: a card that is this premium in all formats, could not be different in Historic.

Talking about new addition to sideboard we see.

Outland LiberatorGraveyard TrespasserYawgmoth, Thran Physician

《Outland Liberator》 as a better 《Reclamation Sage》 that can flip.

《Graveyard Trespasser》 is a good beater that gives you life and removes those pesky 《Arclight Phoenix》’s.

《Yawgmoth, Thran Physician》 is there to further improve your aggro matchups (Protection from Humans is a great bonus too).

There is only one thing about this deck that I would like to warn you about: Don’t take it if it is your first time playing it. There are so many minor mechanics that you need to master, that you might lose too many games in the beginning by not being familiar with them (Or time running out on you).

Izzet Phoenix

The second deck is a heavy hitter in other formats too: Izzet Phoenix.

Izzet Phoenix

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This list is from Redbull Untapped 2021: Japan Stop. I took it for a spin and was really impressed. Despite being a bit slower than other 《Arclight Phoenix》 decks, you get a lot more consistent and late game power.

Dragon's Rage ChannelerSmoldering EggOx of Agonas

Both new creatures that the deck got in 《Dragon’s Rage Channeler》 and 《Smoldering Egg》 are a powerhouse, and sometimes you don’t even need to find your 《Arclight Phoenix》 to finish the game. The 2 《Ox of Agonas》 also allow you to grind the game in ways that no cards did before for this deck.

Archmage's CharmUnholy Heat

《Archmage’s Charm》 gives you a lot of good mid game options, allowing you to grind or just dig for more specific cards. 《Unholy Heat》 is also very impressive as a one mana 《Hero’s Downfall》. I will always sign up for this one!

If you like this kind of deck, I believe it’s a great choice for this weekend.

Jeskai Opus

Last but not least I will post a control decklist you all love so much: Good (not so) old Jeskai 《Magma Opus》!

Jeskai Opus

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I have to confess that it is very hard to talk about the best build of Jeskai. There are so many good options that the configuration of the deck might crush a tournament or just be a plain disaster if you make the wrong choices.

Mizzix's MasteryMagma Opus

But geez, this deck is powerful! 《Mizzix’s Mastery》 and 《Magma Opus》 are cards that remind me of the powerful spells of the beginning of Magic.

Teferi, Hero of Dominaria

《Teferi, Hero of Dominaria》, let’s not even mention, one of the best Planeswalkers of all time, putting the game out of reach and allowing you to close the game easily.

Portable HoleLightning HelixJustice Strike

The removal is so efficient that you can allow yourself to make concessions like 《Portable Hole》, so you can be prepared for Jund Sacrifice. Normally you would find 4 《Lightning Helix》, but this list decided to respect both 《Korvold, Fae-Cursed King》 and the Aura decks by playing 2 《Justice Strike》.

Nezahal, Primal TideGideon's InterventionSoul-Guide LanternChandra, Awakened Inferno

For the sideboard we see a lot of cards for control decks and a lot of 1’s to adjust in all matchups all around a good suit of everything.


I think the power level of all 3 decks are very similar, so my advice is to pick either of the decks that you feel more comfortable with.

As this is my last article for Hareruya, I would like to thank them for the amazing opportunity to be a part of this great team, but also thank all my readers through the last years!

May the top decks be on your side.

Marcio A Carvalho (Twitter)

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