Budget Update Your Challenger Deck 2022! -Dimir Control Edition-

Javier Dominguez



Streets of New Capenna is already with us and I am going to improve the Dimir Control of Challenger Decks 2022 with the cards from the new set.

Challenger Decks 2022: Dimir Control

Dimir Control

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Memory Deluge

Originally, our deck is a traditional blue-black control deck with reactive tools and card advantage spells. The most important card for that plan is 《Memory Deluge》, which is the one we will to make sure we don’t run out of gas.

Iymrith, Desert DoomHullbreaker Horror

To finish games we have 《Iymrith, Desert Doom》 and 《Hullbreaker Horror》. Those are among the best finishers in Standard and I think they are very good choices here. Those two pieces of the deck won’t get anything better in New Capenna.

However, there is a New Capenna mechanic that fits perfectly into this deck: the one that cares about having different mana costs in our graveyard, as our mana curve is already quite spread.

Here is my updated decklist with the New Capenna changes:

Updated Version

Dimir Control

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New Cards

《Obscura Storefront》

Obscura Storefront

First of all, we are replacing 《Evolving Wilds》 for 《Obscura Storefront》. We will get the same effect as we would otherwise, but in exchange we get an extra life. I also added another copy as it will help us having a 0 mana cost in our graveyard.

《Tainted Indulgence》/《Aven Heartstabber》

Tainted IndulgenceAven Heartstabber

The graveyard mechanic payoffs here are 《Tainted Indulgence》 and 《Aven Heartstabber》.

《Tainted Indulgence》 took the role of 《Thirst for Discovery》, as we don’t want to have too many card drawing spells, and I think 《Tainted Indulgence》 is going to be better here. 《Tainted Indulgence》 curves better with cards like 《Saw It Coming》, but it also can help us hit the 3rd land drop on the early game.

《Aven Heartstabber》 is another excellent payoff, as once we reach five different mana values it will be able to trade with any creature while still be able to put some pressure on our opponent.

These two cards have in common because they actually work pretty well with more copies of themselves, as they are both payoffs that can actually work as enablers. With 《Tainted Indulgence》, we can choose to discard a card with a different mana value than the ones we have already, and with 《Aven Heartstabber》, we will get to mill two cards, making it more likely for a future 《Aven Heartstabber》 to have that +2/+2.

Other Cards

Once we are going to play these two powerful cards, we can make some adjustments to the rest of the deck to make them work better.



The most impactful change in that regard is 《Consider》. 《Consider》 is an excellent magic card by itself, but it also happens to support this theme very efficiently. Cantrips like 《Consider》 help us develop our early game while making us less likely to flood on the late game, so we don’t need too many reasons to put them in a deck.

Here, 《Consider》 will often put 2 different mana values on the graveyard as we don’t have that many cards that cost 1. Remember we can 《Consider》 or 《Tainted Indulgence》 in the middle of the combat to give our 《Aven Heartstabber》 a surprise +2/+2!

《Blood on the Snow》

Blood on the Snow

There are some additional benefits of having this self-milling engine in our deck. One of them is that 《Blood on the Snow》 actually becomes better.

《Blood on the Snow》 is a strong card but it can be tricky to have a good target to bring back from the graveyard, particularly in the early game. Now we not only have more ways to put cards directly into our graveyard, as we have both 《Consider》 and 《Tainted Indulgence》, but we also have more creatures in our deck that is going to die, because 《Aven Heartstabber》 will often find their way to the graveyard.

Graveyard Trespasser

Having a higher creature count will also make our 《Graveyard Trespasser》 more likely to exile a creature, something that will be very handy if we find ourselves on the aggressive side of things during a game or if we really need to gain some life.

《Ebondeath, Dracolich》

Ebondeath, Dracolich

Because of this new theme, I added 《Ebondeath, Dracolich》. In this deck, we will be able to often discard it or mill it with 《Consider》, which means once we trade our 《Aven Heartstabber》 with something we will be able to cast our 《Ebondeath, Dracolich》 for free.

Even if we don’t get to put 《Ebondeath, Dracolich》 in our graveyard, the fact that it is an instant speed threat plays extremely well with the instant speed plays our deck has in the four copies of 《Memory Deluge》, as our opponents won’t be able to know if you are going to for a card advantage or simply deploy a threat.


Jwari DisruptionPelakka PredationSea Gate Restoration

Last but not least, I made some tweaks in the manabase. Because we have 8 additional ways to find lands in the early game, I decided to cut a land to make space for these cantrip spells, which is a common thing to do in terms of deckbuilding. I also changed some of the other lands for the Zendikar double face spell lands.

I think particularly 《Sea Gate Restoration》 might be excellent in this deck, as it is not only a powerful spell that can break a grindy game, but also a mana value we would rarely have in our graveyard otherwise.

Thanks for reading and see you at the tables!

Javier Dominguez (Twitter)

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