The Rising Sun: Deckwatch Vol.5

Atsushi Ito

Decklists contain the essence of Magic.

The cards included in a decklist tell us a tale, they do also show us something about what its creator was trying to achieve.

In short, to try and understand a decklist is
to try and understand the creators mind.

This article is devoted to finding interesting decklists and introducing them to everyone.
If you come across a decklist you like, don’t hesitate to use it as inspiration or tamper with it to make it into something of your own!

Without further ado, here are the 3 decklists that made the pick this time!

Modern: UW Control

Matedge – UW Control
Moern Constructed League (5-0)

2 《Celestial Colonnade》
4 《Flooded Strand》
2 《Ghost Quarter》
2 《Hallowed Fountain》
3 《Island》
3 《Plains》
4 《Seachrome Coast》
1 《Tectonic Edge》
3 《Tolaria West》

-Lands (25)-

2 《Snapcaster Mage》

-Creatures (2)-
1 《Condemn》
3 《Cryptic Command》
2 《Mana Leak》
1 《Negate》
4 《Path to Exile》
2 《Spell Snare》
4 《Ancestral Vision》
1 《Restore Balance》
4 《Serum Visions》
2 《Supreme Verdict》
3 《As Foretold》
2 《Detention Sphere》
1 《Elspeth, Sun's Champion》
1 《Gideon Jura》
1 《Gideon of the Trials》
1 《Jace, Architect of Thought》

-Spells (33)-
1 《Vendilion Clique》
1 《Blessed Alliance》
2 《Dispel》
1 《Negate》
1 《Supreme Verdict》
2 《Timely Reinforcements》
4 《Rest in Peace》
1 《Rule of Law》
2 《Stony Silence》

-Sideboard (15)-

As ForetoldAncestral VisionTolaria West

The interaction between 《As Foretold》 and Suspend cards continue to be a powerful thing, as previously showcased in this article by Jeremy Dezani. His deck however, was closer to a combo deck. This time around I’ll be introducing a control deck featuring 《As Foretold》. While at first glance it might look like 《As Foretold》doesn’t fit all that well since the deck just plays the regular suit of cards for UW Control, but there is more to the deck.

The reason 《As Foretold》 gets to shine in this deck is because it plays 《Tolaria West》, which can easily be transmuted to search for the singleton 《Restore Balance》 or copies of 《Ancestral Vision》 to help keep card advantage going.

The deck basically gets to cast 《Ancestral Recall》 over and over even though it’s Modern, because what better way to torment your opponent? With 4 counters on 《As Foretold》 you can even cast 《Cryptic Command》 for free, and at that point your opponent is probably just gonna give up. In the future 《As Foretold》 might be a keycard in allowing UW Control to be a top deck contender in Modern.

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Legacy: Sneak Fit

jbone2016 – Sneak Fit
Legacy Constructed League (5-0)

1 《Badlands》
2 《Bayou》
1 《Dryad Arbor》
3 《Forest》
2 《Mountain》
1 《Phyrexian Tower》
3 《Swamp》
2 《Taiga》
3 《Verdant Catacombs》
1 《Volrath's Stronghold》
3 《Wooded Foothills》

-Lands (22)-

1 《Deathrite Shaman》
1 《Emrakul, the Aeons Torn》
1 《Eternal Witness》
1 《Fierce Empath》
1 《Inferno Titan》
1 《Massacre Wurm》
1 《Nissa, Vastwood Seer》
1 《Rune-Scarred Demon》
1 《Sakura-Tribe Elder》
1 《Scavenging Ooze》
1 《Thragtusk》
1 《Tireless Tracker》
3 《Veteran Explorer》
1 《Woodland Bellower》

-Creatures (16)-
2 《Abrupt Decay》
2 《Fatal Push》
4 《Cabal Therapy》
1 《Diabolic Intent》
4 《Green Sun's Zenith》
1 《Maelstrom Pulse》
2 《Night's Whisper》
2 《Pernicious Deed》
4 《Sneak Attack》

-Spells (22)-
2 《Faerie Macabre》
1 《Reclamation Sage》
1 《Diabolic Edict》
2 《Extirpate》
1 《Golgari Charm》
1 《To the Slaughter》
1 《Lost Legacy》
2 《Thoughtseize》
1 《Toxic Deluge》
1 《Dread of Night》
1 《Engineered Plague》

-Sideboard (15)-

Veteran ExplorerSneak AttackCabal Therapy

The deck known as “Nic Fit” utilizes Veteran explorer to ramp and play a fair midrange deck, but it was always had trouble with combo decks. Then how would the deck change if we added a combo spin to it?

this version of “Nic Fit” adds the combo engine 《Sneak Attack》 as a way to power out creatures, with most creatures also having ETB effects to keep you ahead in the game. In this “Sneak Fit” deck, you can still just go for the old-school Nic Fit plan of 《Pernicious Deed》 and playing creatures as you normally would if you happen to not draw a 《Sneak Attack》.

With miracles no longer being the dominant deck due to the banning of 《Sensei's Divining Top》, a lot of previously lower tier decks might get their time in the sun. Clearly any player who enjoys playing lowkey decks or brews should take the meta shakeup as a once in a lifetime opportunity to shine!

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Vintage: Stompy

KeeperX – Stompy
Vintage Challenge (Top 8)

4 《Ancient Tomb》
4 《City of Traitors》
11 《Snow-Covered Mountain》

-Lands (19)-

4 《Goblin Rabblemaster》
2 《Hazoret the Fervent》
4 《Magus of the Moon》
4 《Simian Spirit Guide》
4 《Sin Prodder》
1 《Sulfur Elemental》

-Creatures (19)-
4 《Fiery Confluence》
4 《Blood Moon》
1 《Chalice of the Void》
4 《Chrome Mox》
4 《Null Rod》
1 《Trinisphere》
4 《Chandra, Torch of Defiance》

-Spells (22)-
3 《Sulfur Elemental》
4 《Sudden Shock》
1 《Pulverize》
4 《Leyline of the Void》
3 《Ensnaring Bridge》

-Sideboard (15)-

Hazoret the FerventSin ProdderNull Rod

When you think of Vintage, cards such as 《Black Lotus》, 《Ancestral Recall》 is probably what you would expect. However in Vintage you can actually do well even without utilizing any Power 9 and this deck is one of those. Instead you get to utilize powerful artifact hate in 《Null Rod》, causing your opponent’s artifacts to become useless. With some help from 《Blood Moon》 and cards such as 《Trinisphere》 you can easily hamstring your opponent’s mana.

Vintage currently has 2 Tier 1 decks in Mentor & MUD. Both of these decks consists of non-basic lands & plays quite a bit of artifacts, so resolving a 《Null Rod》 and a《Blood Moon》 or 《Magus of the Moon》 usually locks them out of the game completely.

Sin ProdderChandra, Torch of DefianceFiery Confluence

The finishers this stompy deck plays are remarkably enough all from recent expansions such as 《Sin Prodder》 which never saw any play even in Standard. The deck also plays 《Chandra, Torch of Defiance》 as a source of card advantage & a finisher that has seen some play in Legacy before. 《Fiery Confluence》 can both deal the last few points of damage to kill your opponent or serve to break 3 artifacts when you don’t draw your 《Null Rod》.

One of the more interesting card inclusions comes from Amonkhet, namely 《Hazoret the Fervent》. Since the deck also completely dodges 《Mental Misstep》 it’s not the worst fit for a budget Vintage deck!

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I hope I managed to pique your interest with some of the decks showcased, should they not have caught your fancy, feel free to browse the deck database at your own leisure!

Thanks for reading everyone!

Until next time.

Atsushi Ito (Translated by: Emil Hoffman)

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