9th God of Modern Challenger Tournament Coverage



9th God of Modern Challenger Tournament

Seo Kenta takes home the glory!

Held on May 21st(Sun) the 9th God of Modern Challenger Tournament saw a 332 player turnout.

 Modern has lately been on fire, with a meteoric rise in popularity across the globe. As such players have honed their skills ever further, and at the top we have Seo Kenta! Congratulations!

With just a week until the Modern format GP Kobe 2017, this event is probably a good indicator for what meta we will see at the GP.

TOP 8 Decklists

TOP 9-16 Decklists

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals Champion
1 Yamamoto Kouhei Udagawa Toru
8 Udagawa Toru Pacis Jack Nicholle
4 Kato Akinori Pacis Jack Nicholle
Seo Kenta
5 Pacis Jack Nicholle
2 Suzuki Gou Suzuki Gou
7 Xu Siying Seo Kenta
3 Seo Kenta Seo Kenta
6 Watanabe Yuta

TOP 8 Players

Yamamoto Kouhei

(Swiss 1st)

Suzuki Gou

(Swiss 2nd)

Seo Kenta

(Swiss 3rd)

Kato Akinori

(Swiss 4th)

Pacis Jack Nicholle

(Swiss 5th)

Watanabe Yuta

(Swiss 6th)

Xu Siyang

(Swiss 7th)

Udagawa Toru

(Swis 8th)