9th God of Vintage Challenger Tournament Coverage


9th God of Vintage Challenger Tournament

The next God of Vintage challenger is; Yoshihiko Kurata!

On the 2nd of July(Sun), 72 players came to test their mettle in the 9th God of Vintage Challenger Tournament.

The winner was Yoshihiko Kurata with Tezzerator, packed full with all the cards that makes Vintage into what it is. Congratulations!

Vintage is a format containing cards from the very origins of Magic, many cards deemed far to powerful to be allowed in other formats, check out the super cool & powerful decklists from the top 8 & 16!

Top 8 Decklists

Top 16 Decklists

Quarterfinal Semifinal Final Champion
1 Ryo Kobayashi Ryo Kobayashi
8 Kou Uehara Kenta Takahashi
4 Kenta Takahashi Kenta Takahashi
Yoshihiko Kurata
5 Hiromichi Ito
2 Yuki Katou Yuta Takahashi
7 Yuta Takahashi Yoshihiko Kurata
3 Yoshihiko Kurata Yoshihiko Kurata
6 Yousuke Inoue

Top 8 Players

Ryo Kobayashi

(Swiss 1st)

Yuki Katou

(Swiss 2nd)

Yoshihiko Kurata

(Swiss 3rd)

Kenta Takahashi

(Swiss 4th)

Hiromichi Ito

(Swiss 5th)

Yousuke Inoue

(Swiss 6th)

Yuta Takahashi

(Swiss 7th)

Kou Uehara

(Swiss 8th)