My Story with Bident of Thassa

Jeremy Dezani

Jeremy Dezani

In 2013, I won Pro Tour Theros with Mono-Blue Devotion.

I remember when I created the deck, most of my teammates told me I should play great cards like 《Thoughtseize》, 《Stormbreath Dragon》 or 《Sphinx's Revelation》 and not waste time with weak cards.

Cloudfin RaptorFrostburn WeirdOmenspeaker

It is true that playing a deck full of good stuff is less risky, but synergy is a way to have the best deck. I was convinced the deck was great. In the beginning, I remember Raphael Levy was the only guy who really supported me.

After few days of testing, 9 of my 13 teammates changed their mind and registered Mono-Blue Devotion at the Pro Tour and all 10 players made day 2. Furthermore, as you know, I had to defeat Pierre Dagen in a mirror match in the finals that makes Mono-Blue Devotion one of the most successful deck ever.

PT Finals

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《Bident of Thassa》

Bident of Thassa

At the Pro Tour, we played a copy of 《Bident of Thassa》. Not only because 《Thassa, God of the Sea》 would be sad empty handed, but because the card is great.

The best way to exploit 《Bident of Thassa》‘s power is to play it in a deck as a high curve spell with a creature with evasion. In Mono-Blue Devotion, we played 12 flying creatures and 4 《Thassa, God of the Sea》 which can give unblockable to any creature. Having this Enchantment / Artifact into play, you are basically transforming every creature you get into a 《Scroll Thief》. It makes small creatures relevant and forces your opponent to deal with it. Ignoring them is not an option.

MutavaultSupreme Verdict

Even after a 《Supreme Verdict》, you can use animate lands such as 《Mutavault》 to get the advantage and draw cards.

Frostburn WeirdNightveil SpecterThassa, God of the Sea

It is more situational, but the second effect of 《Bident of Thassa》 is also useful, especially when you control indestructible blockers like 《Thassa, God of the Sea》. You can force creatures to attack and use 《Bident of Thassa》 as a removal.

《Bident of Thassa》 impressed me so much that I played 2 copies in every single event following the Pro Tour, including at Grand Prix Vienna 2013 where I reached third place.

During this Grand Prix on day 1, a guy asked me:

“What is your score?”


What? But I saw your match and you lost. It was game 3?”

“Yes, it was. Did you watch the end of the game?”

“No, but I didn’t imagine you can come back.”

Blood Baron of VizkopaJace, Architect of ThoughtDetention Sphere

I was playing on camera against Esper Control and had no card in hand. I sacrificed (used -2 ability) my 《Jace, Architect of Thought》 that unfortunately revealed 3 《Island》. My opponent had a 《Blood Baron of Vizkopa》 and a 《Jace, Architect of Thought》, giving him 2 《Detention Sphere》, which exiled my 2 《Tidebinder Mage》 and a 《Thassa, God of the Sea》. Attacking with 《Blood Baron of Vizkopa》 and put me down to 4. He attacked me next turn for lethal, and I had to use a 《Mutavault》 to survive. I was in a terrible position, almost losing, far from winning.

Same as a football match, when a team is losing 0-2 with 5 minutes remaining, people leave and stop watching the game.

Cyclonic Rift

Though the card I drew was a 《Cyclonic Rift》 and I used it the end of turn to bounce everything including the 2 《Detention Sphere》 which gave me back my 3 creatures. I Then drew 《Bident of Thassa》, which was the best card I could get at the moment. I played it, attacked and drew 3 cards including 《Master of Waves》 and 《Gainsay》. I drew more cards turns after which won me the game. 《Bident of Thassa》 changed a loss into a win.

At the end of the season, I finished as the Player of the Year 2014, the best player in the world. Mono-Blue Devotion and 《Bident of Thassa》 contributed a lot to this success. I can honestly say that 《Bident of Thassa》 is one of the cards that changed my life.

Team French

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