Exclusive Magic: The Gathering ― Commander (2016Edition) Preview Card! 《Ravos, Soultender》!

Hareruya Media Team

Written by Yusuke Kanazawa, Translated by Tsubasa Tomita

Magic: The Gathering ― Commander (2016Edition) release is just moments away.

All commander fans has been fascinated to this wonderful set and is to be released soon.

Since this set was designed for a multiplayer format, it is not rare that in times, cards included in these Commander sets have strong effects as and for commanders.

Nahiri, the LithomancerDaretti, Scrap SavantFreyalise, Llanowar's Fury

For example, in Commander (2014 Edition) we have a planeswalker that is not a legendary creature, but is specially designed so this card can be a commander by it self’s effect.

So as you can see, Commander cards greet us by going beyond the limits of regular set limitations to create new and exciting innovation.

And they have done it again, a surprising and exciting preview card from the new Commander set has just arrived.

So here it is, our Commander (2016 Edition) preview card, we are proud to introduce 《Ravos, Soultender》!

《Ravos, Soultender》

3(W)(B) Legendary Creature – Human Cleric


Other creatures you control get +1/+1.

At the beginning of your upkeep, you may return target creature card from your graveyard to your hand.

Partner (You can have two commanders if both have partner)


In the background a starry sky is contained, and in front the visage of a holy man. Based on visuals, we can almost assume that he is from the plane of Theros.

In Theros, the colors Black and White reminds us of a god that guards the river that leads mortals to the underworld, 《Athreos, God of Passage》

Athreos, God of Passage

《Ravos, Soultender》 also has abilities that effects both the living and the dead.

His first effect is a static ability that gives a +1/+1 to all other creatures you control. As with most other anthem effects, If you have an army on the board, this can be quite threatening.

If pumping up your army is an effect that deals with the living, then the other one deals with the dead, which is an effect that deals with your graveyard.

This is a triggered ability that allows you to return a creature from your graveyard during your upkeep, at no cost, which is a great advantage enabler.

Both effects go along with the plan that most black and white decks have, creatures & graveyard recursion. He himself is a 2/2 flier, the stats themselves are a little undependable but 《Ravos, Soultender》 will pump your entire team the moment he hits the board.

Last but not least, 《Ravos, Soultender》 has an effect that might blow your mind. An ability fresh and new from Commander (2016 Edition), called [Partner]

[Partner] is a commander only ability, which allows for any 2 legendary creatures with the [Partner] ability to be paired and both used as your commander.

Truly a marvelous effect, allowing for Two Commanders to tag team and both lead your armies.

This new [Partner] is what makes 《Ravos, Soultender》 unpredictable.

Just imagine what kind of new depth this new ability can bring to future commander games.

One of them that brings you in mind first is probably the color identity can be increased since 2 commanders are in your deck.

Since 《Ravos, Soultender》 is a black and white creature, regularly his color identity would be limited to black and white. But when you tag this commander with another commander that has this [Partner] ability and a different color identity, what do you think might happen?

This might bring you additional color identity’s like red, green, and blue to your 《Ravos, Soultender》. This will spread your color identity and this will be given only to a commander that has [Partner].

Another thing that might happen is the synergy between the two commanders. We do not know the other commanders that have [Partner], so this is just an educated guess, but say when a creature gets sacrificed, it would give some sort of effect to a commander, or a commander that keeps on creating tokens. Just tag them with 《Ravos, Soultender》 and there is a huge synergy going on between them. And since they are commanders, you’ll always have access to them.

With this new [Partner] ability, I’m sure we will be seeing all sorts of combinations and synergies being tried out.

When Commander (2016 Edition) gets released, go forth and explore and find your best [Partner] tag team!

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