God of Frontier Event Coverage


God of Frontier

On January 9th, a cold Monday morning 236 players battled it out in the God of Frontier tournament in the hopes of ascending to godhood.

The man who would go on to win the tournament and become our “God of Frontier” was none other than
Yuki Matsumoto, a Silver Level Pro player from Tokyo.

If you did not manage to watch the exciting tournament live you can find the feature match coverage of the tournament in our Twitch archive here.

TOP8 Decklists

TOP16 Decklists

TOP32 Decklists

Quarter Finalist Semi Finalist Finalist Champion
1 Ichikawa Yuuki Ichikawa Yuuki
8 Hasegawa Shouichi Matsumoto Yuki
4 Akimoto Taiki Matsumoto Yuki
Matsumoto Yuki
5 Matsumoto Yuki
2 Suzuki Takahito Suzuki Takahito
7 Goto Tomokazu Suzuki Takahito
3 Hori Keisuke Hori Keisuke
6 Matsuura Takumi

TOP8 Players

Ichikawa Yuuki

1st (Swiss)

Suzuki Takahito

2nd (Swiss)

Hori Keisuke

3rd (Swiss)

Akimoto Taiki

4th (Swiss)

Matsumoto Yuki

5th (Swiss)

Matsuura Takumi

6th (Swiss)

Goto Tomokazu

7th (Swiss)

Hasegawa Shouichi

8th (Swiss)