The Rising Sun: Deckwatch Vol.1

Atsushi Ito

Atsushi Ito

(Translated by Emil Hoffman)

Decklists contain the essence of Magic.

The cards included in a decklist tell us a tale, they also show us something about what its creator was trying to achieve.

In short, to try and understand a decklist is
to try and understand the creators mind.

This article is devoted to finding interesting decklists from the [] and introducing them to everyone.
Should you come across a decklist you like, please don’t hesitate to use it as inspiration or tamper with it to make it into something of your own!

Without further ado, here are the 4 decklists that made the pick this time!

Standard: UR Improvise

Miyaguni Musashi – Rogue
Hareruya Weekday Standard (3-0)

4《Spire of Industry》
4《Spirebluff Canal》
4《Wandering Fumarole》

-Lands (20)-

4《Sweatworks Brawler》
4《Maverick Thopterist》
4《Bastion Inventor》

-Creatures (16)-
4《Metallic Rebuke》
4《Welding Sparks》
4《Reverse Engineer》
4《Bone Saw》
4《Cathar's Shield》
4《Inventor's Goggles》

-Spells (24)-
4《Walking Ballista》
4《Scrap Trawler》
4《Galvanic Bombardment》

-Sideboard (15)-

Maverick ThopteristBastion InventorReverse Engineer

With the release of Aether Revolt, many a deckbuilder find themselves fervently trying out all the new cards, especially the available synergies for new keyword abilities. For Aether Revolt we get 2 brand new mechanics, Revolt and Improvise. Both abilities offer powerful effects in return for some deckbuilding concessions, finding that balance is what we brewers live for! The new expansion has only been out for 10 days or so, but I come introducing a truly amazing deck going all in on the Improvise mechanic.

The deck utilizes 4 each of the 0 cost《Ornithopter》《Bone Saw》《Cathar's Shield》to help power out the Improvise cards at a cost of 1 or 2 mana as early as Turn 1. Improvise Keyworded creatures and spells are clocked at 20, allowing for plays that resemble what the Modern Affinity deck can do.

With 3 artifacts out you can play《Reverse Engineer》for a measly UU allowing for what I’d like to call the Standard 《Ancestral Recall》, and 《Metallic Rebuke》countering everything for U offers amazing utility. Since most creatures are artificers《Inventor's Goggles》offers amazing tempo swings beyond even the old BoK 《Shuko》.

Here’s the best part, other than the landbase the entire deck is made up of commons and uncommons, so if you’re tied down by a budget this might be the deck for you!

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Modern: Mono-Blue Control

Iwasaki Shun – Mono-Blue Control
Hareruya Weekday Event (3-0)

1《Tolaria West》
1《Cavern of Souls》
4《Ghost Quarter》

-Lands (24)-

1《Walking Ballista》
1《Torrential Gearhulk》

-Creatures (7)-
4《Ancestral Vision》
1《Pact of Negation》
4《Spell Snare》
3《Stubborn Denial》
4《Shadow of Doubt》
2《Mana Leak》
4《Cryptic Command》
2《Vedalken Shackles》

-Spells (29)-
4《Spreading Seas》
3《Sower of Temptation》
3《Engineered Explosives》
2《Ceremonious Rejection》
1《Essence Scatter》
1《Urza's Factory》

-Sideboard (15)-

Ancestral VisionPlumeveilCryptic Command

Mono Blue Permission. Permission type decks are a rare breed in modern, and should bring the hardcore blue-mage amongst you some joy. While Modern might lack the actual 《Counterspell》it has no shortage of other Counters available, this deck will make you painfully aware of the fact as nothing ever resolves.

Utilizing the powerful synergies between 《Plumeveil》and 《Stubborn Denial》a stellar combination that can even be seen in Vintage now and then. With the unbanning of 《Ancestral Vision》 this deck gets the much needed draw source it required to keep denying you all the plays.

Opting to play the full 4 《Shadow of Doubt》 allowing the deck to 《Stifle》fetchlands and combined with 《Ghost Quarter》makes it essentially work like a 《Strip Mine》.

The synergies between 《Tolaria West》, 《Walking Ballista》, 《Pact of Negation》& 《Ancestral Vision》always allowing you to find what you need are a thing of beauty. Obviously《Snapcaster Mage》should fit perfectly, but the deck does not include what is probably one of the cards most symbolic of Blue in Modern. Truly a deck befitting those whom would like nothing more than to deny their opponents everything.

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Legacy: Maverick

Takahashi Naoto – Maverick
Hareruya Cup (4-2)

1《Dryad Arbor》
4《Verdant Catacombs》
4《Windswept Heath》
1《Horizon Canopy》
1《Thespian's Stage》
1《Dark Depths》

-Lands (24)-

4《Deathrite Shaman》
3《Mother of Runes》
1《Sylvan Safekeeper》
3《Thalia, Guardian of Thraben》
2《Stoneforge Mystic》
1《Gaddock Teeg》
1《Qasali Pridemage》
1《Scryb Ranger》
3《Knight of the Reliquary》
2《Renegade Rallier》

-Creatures (21)-
4《Green Sun's Zenith》
3《Swords to Plowshares》
3《Abrupt Decay》
2《Sylvan Library》
1《Umezawa's Jitte》
1《Sword of Fire and Ice》
1《Liliana of the Veil》

-Spells (16)-
2《Surgical Extraction》
2《Zealous Persecution》
2《Pithing Needle》
1《Gaddock Teeg》
1《Stoneforge Mystic》
1《Scavenging Ooze》
1《Swords to Plowshares》
1《Oblivion Ring》

-Sideboard (15)-

Renegade RallierSylvan SafekeeperWasteland

When talking about cards from Aether Revolt that would impact Legacy, most people we’re probably thinking of 《Fatal Push》, due to the ease of triggering Revolt thanks to fetchlands. The ability to interact with lands in Legacy is bountiful, so 《Renegade Rallier》will not only serve to bring back creatures but also lands into play.

Revolt is even easier to trigger in this deck due to the 《Sylvan Safekeeper》land sacrificing ability, then we also have cards like 《Wasteland》and the fetchlands enabling it as well. And to help us get these permanents back from the graveyard we have《Eternal Witness》& 《Renegade Rallier》.

The deck also tries to get information on the opponent through usage of 《Gitaxian Probe》, while most cards can be searched for by 《Green Sun's Zenith》 to find that silver bullet to deal with the opponents deck.

《Eternal Witness》has long been an important piece for the Maverick deck, but depending on how you build the deck it looks like 《Renegade Rallier》 might be able to power up and evolve the deck further.

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Frontier: Rogue

Horiuchi Makoto – Rogue
Hareruya Cup (4-1)

2《Prairie Stream》
2《Sunken Hollow》
4《Flooded Strand》
4《Polluted Delta》
1《Bloodstained Mire》
1《Windswept Heath》
4《Shambling Vent》
2《Caves of Koilos》

-Lands (25)-

2《Hangarback Walker》
3《Jace, Vryn's Prodigy》
2《Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim》
4《Reflector Mage》
4《Spell Queller》
4《Wingmate Roc》

-Creatures (19)-
4《Fatal Push》
2《Painful Truths》
3《Murderous Cut》
2《Liliana, the Last Hope》
4《Gideon, Ally of Zendikar》
1《Sorin, Solemn Visitor》

-Spells (16)-
2《Collective Brutality》
2《Hallowed Moonlight》
2《Disdainful Stroke》
2《Confiscation Coup》
1《Emrakul, the Promised End》
1《Painful Truths》
1《Flaying Tendrils》
1《Anguished Unmaking》

-Sideboard (15)-

Fatal PushJace, Vryn's ProdigyGideon, Ally of Zendikar

The card set to impact the Frontier format the most, as predicted by God of Frontier champion Yuki Matsumoto will be 《Fatal Push》. Heralded as a perfect counter to 《Smuggler's Copter》in Standard, alas the Copter was banned before that was ever realized, but here in Frontier we get to kill that pesky Vehicle with it instead.

The three color combinations to benefit the most from 《Fatal Push》is most likely Esper, Abzan and Sultai based decks. The key cards for this Esper build are in the 3-5 CMC area with 《Murderous Cut》,《Gideon, Ally of Zendikar》and 《Wingmate Roc》being high-impact cars.

《Spell Queller》 get’s a little bit weaker due to the introduction of 《Fatal Push》, but combined with 《Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim》 you can do some crazy stuff by sacrificing the 《Spell Queller》 with the trigger on the stack. 《Liliana, the Last Hope》 is also in the deck to bring back your creatures.

Looking at the list it feels like the number of Removal, Counterspells, Draw sources & Planeswalkers has been carefully selected. While some people believe Abzan will be the king of Frontier, with a shell like this I think it could just as likely be Esper that will rule.

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I hope I managed to pique your interest with some of the decks I showcased, should they not have caught your fancy, feel free to browse the deck database at your own leisure!

Thanks for reading everyone!

Until next time. Atsushi Ito

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