Breaking! Shuhei Nakamura joins Hareruya Pros!

Hareruya Media Team

With the announcement of several talented Europeans joining Hareruya Pros still fresh in mind

We bring you another tremendous announcement today.

A player that’s a representative of 「Play the game, See the World.」

From The Magic Pro Tour Hall of Fame class of 2011, one of the top pros in Japan has decided to join the Hareruya Pros!

His name is…

Shuhei Nakamura (Tokyo)

※Source of photo: 【MAGIC: THE GATHERING】

Yes, Nakashu is going to join Hareruya Pros!

Tied for 1st with Yuuya Watanabe & Kai Budde in lifetime Grand Prix wins at an astonishing 7 wins (all of which are from limited format Grand Prix), and he also made Top 8 at last seasons Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch, he still remains one of the top players today.

What an astonishing surprise this announcement is.

Let’s see what Shuhei has in mind.

■ -Opt-

Q: Let’s go with the number one question, why did you join Hareruya Pros?

Shuhei Nakamura: Um… Well, my major reason is that I couldn’t make Platinum this year.

Q: Looking at the results, 48 pro points is a big accomplishment but not enough to earn platinum.

※Source of photo:【MAGIC: THE GATHERING】

Shuhei Nakamura: Yeah, and gold and under can’t earn money just by attending the pro tour. That’s an important factor when you continue your life as a pro player. And when I was thinking about my future, that’s when I had this offer from Tomoharu.

Q: Was it a life-saving offer?

Shuhei Nakamura: Well, there was two rules I made as a platinum pro. One is to earn a free ticket to the Pro Tour. Another is that if I can’t make Platinum, I was going to quit Magic. But I realized that I was able to get free tickets to Pro Tours even if I am Gold. (※1)

Q: So you were thinking of quitting Magic since you were no longer platinum, “but” you still get free tickets to the Pro Tour so you’re not going to quit?

Shuhei Nakamura: Yeah something like that, I know it’s a dilemma. Also, if I’m going to be at the Pro Tour, I want to win. And to win, I need to prepare.

Q: So joining Hareruya Pros was the way to clear your path to the Pro Tour?

Shuhei Nakamura: It wasn’t just that though. I wanted to see where the Japanese Pro Teams were heading, and to see that up close, “here” would the place be.

※1[Current Gold level pro players get free flight tickets to the Pro Tour]

■ -Veteran Explorer-

Q: A little while back, when you were still a member of Channel Fireball, what kind of role did you have in the team?

Shuhei Nakamura: My relationship with Channel Fireball was fairly casual. Basically an outsider. We just gather before the Pro tour, sometimes write articles, Sometimes being made fun of for using the 5mana 3/5 vanilla. (※2)

Thraben Purebloods

Q: Just wanted to mention, 《Thraben Purebloods》 became zombies in Eldritch Moon, any thoughts?

Shuhei Nakamura: I liked them pretty much, so I’m a little sad they became zombies.

Q: Starting your career at Channel Fireball, traveling worldwide and having great success as a professional player, what is your favorite format?

Shuhei Nakamura: That would be Limited. Simply I’m better in limited than other formats, but it’s also the format where i can travel with the lightest luggage.

Q: Seems like an answer that comes from your personality.

Shuhei Nakamura: No joke! Having a small luggage is very important. When attending constructed Grand Prix, you worry about all sorts of situations, so you bring a ton of sideboard options. Then you might end up changing your deck so you bring all sorts of different decks. Then sometimes you have two Grand Prix across the country in different formats, so you bring double of what I’ve just mentioned. Imagine how big your luggage can get?

Q: That’s a thought that will never come up until you experience all that traveling I guess.

※2《Thraben Purebloods》 is the creature he is talking about. During Channel Fireball drafting practice, two copies of this low rated card was in Shuhei’s deck and he won three matches. Since then, teammates, mostly Luis Scott-Vargas would joke around him about this 3/5 creature)

■ -Elder Mastery-

Q: So far, I guess we got to know what kind of person you are. So next, we want to ask about your activities in Hareruya Pros. Tell me, what do you want to do as a Hareruya Pro?

Shuhei Nakamura: I am an old man, so I want to be something like Master Yoda and live my life on a shoestring.

Q: Really? Umm…anything else?

Shuhei Nakamura: Just kidding. I want to take care of the younger players that have yet to achieve fame, but have a lot of fighting spirit and the energy to excel at the game.

Q: More like an advisor rather than a Master Yoda?

Shuhei Nakamura: Yeah, something like that. When you play this game for a long time, there are times when you have struggles other than playing the game. If I can be the one to teach them how to get past those struggles from my experience, I would love to!

Q: Anything else?

Shuhei Nakamura: Well, maybe, maybe not write some articles about my trips around the world?

Q: Something like that article you wrote before “Nakashu’s Worldwalk? “(written in Japanese only)

※Source of photo:【】

Shuhei Nakamura: I guess it will be like that. I don’t know if there will be anyone that will read my article, but I’ll think about it.

Q: We will be looking forward to read your article! One last question, as an active pro player, what is your ambition?

Shuhei Nakamura: Umm…that’s a hard question. Well, one thing that I can say is that I want to keep playing the game. I’ve always been on the edge of retiring and such, all throughout, I’ve been playing this game and never quit. As I said first, if I participate in a Pro Tour, I want to win. Grand Prix’s… well, if I feel like going, I will!

Q: Alight, that’s all! Thank you and we wish you good luck!

A tremendous new member has joined Hareruya Pros and this team won’t stop evolving!

Please give your support to the 【Hareruya Pros】 as they proceed to compete at the top of the magic world, with their new veteran teammate, Shuhei Nakamura!

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