Drafting Ravnica Allegiance with Jeremy

Jeremy Dezani

Jeremy Dezani


Hello guys! Today, I am going to review a draft with comments.

I am enjoying Ravnica Allegiance (RNA) limited a lot. There are many options and possibilities in the format. Here, I am going to show you an interesting draft.

Pack 1

Pack 1 Pick 1

Zegana, Utopian SpeakerCarnival // CarnageGruul BeastmasterScrabbling ClawsAzorius Guildgate
Azorius LocketBring to TrialCoral CommandoDebtors' TransportGet the Point
Grasping ThrullQuenchRoot SnareShimmer of PossibilitySpear Spewer

My Pick: 《Zegana, Utopian Speaker》

I think that the best 4 cards in the pack are gold, 2 from the Rakdos Guild, 1 from Orzhov and 1 from Simic. 《Zegana, Utopian Speaker》 is not only the non black card between those 4 but also probably the most powerful. Two good arguments to pick it.

Pack 1 Pick 2

Dovin's AcuityGalloping LizrogSpire ManglerAzorius LocketGrowth Spiral
HumongulusIll-Gotten InheritanceKnight of SorrowsRubble SlingerSimic Guildgate
Sphinx's InsightSyndicate MessengerUndercity ScavengerWrecking Beast

My Pick: 《Dovin's Acuity》

《Galloping Lizrog》 is not that powerful unfortunately. Even if it’s not a Simic card, 《Dovin's Acuity》 is very strong. Anyway it still shares a color with the first pick and allows us to eventually play a Bant deck. Also, 《Sphinx's Insight》 can potentially come back to us.

Pack 1 Pick 3

Azorius SkyguardBloodmist InfiltratorFrilled MysticApplied BiomancyConsign to the Pit
Ghor-Clan WreckerGruul GuildgateIll-Gotten InheritanceOpen the GatesRakdos Locket
Sphinx's InsightTenth District VeteranTwilight Panther

My Pick: 《Azorius Skyguard》

We have 4 gold cards that we can play in a Bant deck! 《Applied Biomancy》 is strong but mainly in a 17 creatures deck and this doesn’t very match well with 《Dovin's Acuity》. Between the 2 uncommons, I prefer picking the one with an easy mana cost to pay in a three color deck. 《Azorius Skyguard》 is a very strong creature, especially against decks using the Afterlife mechanic.

Pack 1 Pick 4

Sky TetherSpire ManglerIll-Gotten InheritanceImperious OligarchOpen the Gates
Sagittars' VolleySenate GriffinSimic GuildgateSphinx's InsightStorm Strike
Summary JudgmentUndercity's Embrace

My Pick: 《Sky Tether》

《Sky Tether》‘s power level has a big variance depending on the kind of deck you are playing. If you plan to attack with non flying creatures, the card is obviously bad, but if your plan is to have many flying creatures or not attack at all, the card is actually comparable to 《Swords to Plowshares》.

Pack 1 Pick 5

Gruul BeastmasterCarrion ImpCivic StalwartCoral CommandoDead Revels
Expose to DaylightGateway PlazaIll-Gotten InheritanceRakdos GuildgateRampaging Rendhorn
Senate Griffin

My Pick: 《Senate Griffin》

According to our previous pick, we definity need flying. Note that I love to have some 《Expose to Daylight》 in the sideboard to fight all these 《Ill-Gotten Inheritance》 decks.

Pack 1 Pick 6

Scrabbling ClawsScreaming ShieldArrester's ZealAzorius LocketConcordia Pegasus
Gruul GuildgateIll-Gotten InheritanceNoxious GroodionOrzhov LocketPlague Wight

My Pick: 《Screaming Shield》

As I said, you have many options in the format and you can make decks that don’t need to attack. 《Screaming Shield》 is a win condition by itself and the +3 toughness is very relevant too in a defensive strategy.

Pack 1 Pick 7

Consign to the PitCoral CommandoDebtors' TransportFeral MaakaGrasping Thrull
Gruul LocketRakdos GuildgateRakdos TrumpeterWrecking Beast

My Pick: 《Grasping Thrull》

Since we only took 1 Simic card, the other possibility with Azorius cards is to play Esper. Here is a very good flying creature for the deck which also gives you back some life points, always important in a defensive deck.

Pack 1 Pick 8

RegenesisAzorius GuildgateClear the MindQuenchRubble Reading
Rubble SlingerScuttlegatorSphinx's Insight

My Pick: 《Sphinx's Insight》

Here was a very difficult choice between 《Azorius Guildgate》 and 《Sphinx's Insight》. We are not sure yet if all the 《Sphinx's Insight》 we saw will come back or if somebody picked them. Retrospectively, I would have taken the 《Guildgate》 but I believe that 《Sphinx's Insight》 is so important that I didn’t want to take the risk.

Pack 1 Pick 9 to Pick 15

Bring to TrialSphinx's InsightSphinx's InsightSphinx's InsightExpose to Daylight
Orzhov LocketCoral Commando

Pack 2

Pack 2 Pick 1

Repudiate // ReplicateCombine GuildmageSyndicate GuildmageTrollbred GuardianGift of Strength
Ill-Gotten InheritanceJusticiar's PortalProwling CaracalRakdos GuildgateRakdos Roustabout
Rubble SlingerSenate GriffinTenth District VeteranThought CollapseTitanic Brawl

My Pick: 《Trollbred Guardian》

The booster is a little weak but I believe that 《Trollbred Guardian》 is an insane card. Even if I have only 1 green card for now the powerlevel is so high that it could be a plan by itself.

Pack 2 Pick 2

Code of ConstraintEssence CaptureGyre EngineerOrzhov RacketeersBurn Bright
Gruul GuildgateHumongulusPersistent PetitionersRakdos RoustaboutRubble Reading
Rubble SlingerSimic LocketSyndicate MessengerTwilight Panther

My Pick: 《Gyre Engineer》

Here again the booster is a little weak. 《Gyre Engineer》 is a decent card if we finish with a Bant deck and with the 4 《Sphinx's Insight》 it could be very strong to have extra mana with it.

Pack 2 Pick 3

Simic AscendancyClear the StageSky TetherTower DefenseDebtors' Transport
Gravel-Hide GoblinImpassioned OratorJusticiar's PortalOrzhov GuildgateRakdos Trumpeter
Sage's Row SavantSylvan BrushstriderTenth District Veteran

My Pick: 《Sky Tether》

I don’t think 《Simic Ascendancy》 is a great card in a three color deck. At this moment of the deck our main plan is still to have a defensive deck and the best card for it is 《Sky Tether》.

Pack 2 Pick 4

Depose // DeployKnight of the Last BreathWilderness ReclamationCarrion ImpFaerie Duelist
Frenzied ArynxGruul LocketHumongulusRakdos LocketSaruli Caretaker
Savage SmashSimic Guildgate

My Pick: 《Depose // Deploy》

I love this card so much. 《Depose // Deploy》 has just about everything: instant, makes a flyer, gains life…It can also deal with a big guy or search your third or fourth land by Cycling it. Also, it is an instant which can be played at sorcery speed for 《Dovin's Acuity》.

Pack 2 Pick 5

Dovin's AcuityDebtors' TransportGift of StrengthGrotesque DemiseImpassioned Orator
Rakdos GuildgateScorchmarkSenate CourierSpear SpewerUndercity Scavenger
Vizkopa Vampire

My Pick: 《Dovin's Acuity》

Things become interesting. A second 《Dovin's Acuity》 in our 4 《Sphinx's Insight》 deck.

Pack 2 Pick 6

Zhur-Taa GoblinConcordia PegasusGift of StrengthOrzhov GuildgatePersistent Petitioners
Savage SmashScorchmarkStony StrengthTenth District VeteranThought Collapse

My Pick: 《Thought Collapse》

《Thought Collapse》 is a counterspell but also helpful for your winning game plan. 《Screaming Shield》 needs some help to be faster.

Pack 2 Pick 7

Glass of the GuildpactAxebane BeastClear the MindFaerie DuelistGruul Guildgate
Root SnareSkitter EelStony StrengthStorm Strike

My Pick: 《Faerie Duelist》

I believe that 《Faerie Duelist》 is a good defensive creature against Afterlife decks.

Pack 2 Pick 8

Clan GuildmageSpire ManglerCivic StalwartFrenzied ArynxIll-Gotten Inheritance
Mammoth SpiderProwling CaracalRubble Slinger

My Pick: 《Mammoth Spider》

If I finish with a Bant deck and want to not attack, 《Mammoth Spider》 is clearly good with this plan.

Pack 2 Pick 9 to Pick 15

Thought CollapsePersistent PetitionersSage's Row SavantSimic GuildgateVizkopa Vampire
Concordia PegasusClear the Mind

Pack 3

Pack 3 Pick 1

Awaken the ErstwhileFrilled MysticHigh AlertScreaming ShieldClear the Mind
Consign to the PitGet the PointGrowth SpiralGruul GuildgateMammoth Spider
Orzhov LocketRakdos RoustaboutSauroform HybridSpikewheel AcrobatVizkopa Vampire

My Pick: 《Frilled Mystic》

Not much for our deck here. A second 《Screaming Shield》 is not so important in the deck. There is still a chance to play green so I go for 《Frilled Mystic》 knowing that we are unlikely to play it.

Pack 3 Pick 2

Galloping LizrogMinistrant of ObligationTin Street DodgerHumongulusOrzhov Guildgate
Orzhov LocketRafter DemonRakdos RoustaboutRubblebelt RunnerSimic Locket
Skitter EelStony StrengthTenth District VeteranWatchful Giant

My Pick: 《Ministrant of Obligation》

《Ministrant of Obligation》 is a very strong three drop, very good at defending. You can consider it as a flying creature because of Afterlife 2. Very good creature to play a turn before a 《Sphinx's Insight》.

Pack 3 Pick 3

Lavinia, Azorius RenegadeCavalcade of CalamityTrollbred GuardianAzorius GuildgateBring to Trial
Burn BrightExpose to DaylightGravel-Hide GoblinGrowth SpiralLawmage's Binding
Open the GatesSyndicate MessengerUndercity's Embrace

My Pick: 《Trollbred Guardian》

I could have an argument about it but let’s be clear. I truly believe that 《Trollbred Guardian》 is an insane card but here, at this moment of the draft, I should have realized that my deck will probably not support green cards well and I should have picked 《Lawmage's Binding》 instead. Being open is something important but at Pack 3 Pick 3 it’s time to follow a plan.

Pack 3 Pick 4

Archway AngelOrzhov RacketeersAct of TreasonDefaceGet the Point
Orzhov LocketProwling CaracalPrying EyesRafter DemonRakdos Guildgate
Simic LocketSphinx's Insight

My Pick: 《Archway Angel》

《Archway Angel》 is a decent card and I don’t want to pick the fifth 《Sphinx's Insight》. Clearly regretting the 《Guildgate》 at Pack 1 Pick 8.

Pack 3 Pick 5

Mirror MarchPitiless PontiffSky TetherCarrion ImpKnight of Sorrows
Orzhov GuildgateOrzhov LocketProwling CaracalRubblebelt RecluseSaruli Caretaker
Sphinx's Insight

My Pick: 《Sky Tether》

What about a third 《Sky Tether》 a.k.a. 《Swords to Plowshares》? Well, never enough right?

Pack 3 Pick 6

Smothering TitheBiogenic UpgradeFaerie DuelistHumongulusRakdos Guildgate
Rakdos TrumpeterScuttlegatorSyndicate MessengerThirsting ShadeWrecking Beast

My Pick: 《Syndicate Messenger》

A decent flying creature, much better if you plan to block than attack. Good for us, we don’t plan on attacking much.

Pack 3 Pick 7

Scrabbling ClawsSky TetherAzorius LocketExpose to DaylightHaazda Officer
Mammoth SpiderQuenchSenate CourierSpikewheel Acrobat

My Pick: 《Sky Tether》

Yeah, never enough!

Pack 3 Pick 8

Forbidding SpiritSwirling TorrentAzorius GuildgateConcordia PegasusDebtors' Transport
Steeple CreeperSylvan BrushstriderWatchful Giant

My Pick: 《Azorius Guildgate》

This time I got a 《Guildgate》!

Pack 3 Pick 9 to Pick 15

Screaming ShieldTenth District VeteranAzorius GuildgateSimic LocketProwling Caracal
ScuttlegatorScrabbling Claws

Decklist and Result

Ravnica Allegiance Draft Deck

I went 3-0 with the deck beating Mardu, Gruul and Azorius. Mostly won my matches with 《Screaming Shield》.

I hope you enjoyed the read and will try to draft a deck like this in the future.

Thank you,

Jeremy Dezani@JDezani

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