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Jeremy Dezani

Drafting Modern Horizons

Hello everyone,

I usually make Draft with Hareruya Pros article where 4 different pros comment the first 8 picks of a draft and we can compare their choices, but today I decided to make my own draft article and comment the 8 first picks of every single pack of the draft.

Pack 1

Pick 1

On Thin IceFrostwalk BastionSadistic ObsessionTribute MageChillerpillar
Choking TethersFaerie SeerMind RakePyrophobiaReprobation
Rime TenderSavage SwipeSpringbloom DruidUniversal AutomatonSnow-Covered Mountain

My Pick: 《Pyrophobia》

《Faerie Seer》 is the best one drop for UB Ninja but it mainly good in UB and not great in other blue decks. 《Savage Swipe》 and 《Springbloom Druid》 are also 2 cards I like but I’m going for 《Pyrophobia》 here. The card can deal with many stuff including 《Ninja of the New Moon》.

Pick 2

Mirrodin BesiegedGoblin MatronRebuildTribute MageAzra Smokeshaper
Elvish FuryFaerie SeerGeomancer's GambitGoblin ChampionImpostor of the Sixth Pride
Irregular CohortMan-o'-WarMother BearSnow-Covered Forest

My Pick: 《Man-o’-War》

《Man-o’-War》 is probably the best common in the set, since the uncommon and the rare are not great and there is no red card, it’s a pretty easy pick.

Pick 3

Etchings of the ChosenGenerous GiftTalisman of CreativityGilded LightHeadless Specter
Igneous ElementalMurasa BehemothOrcish HellraiserQuakefoot CyclopsTreetop Ambusher
Universal AutomatonWarteye WitchSnow-Covered Island

My Pick: 《Igneous Elemental》

I am a big fan of 《Igneous Elemental》. The card is just a 2 for 1 most of the time and having it early in the draft allows you to pick some ways to decrease the mana cost.

Pick 4

Birthing BoughsDismantling BlowAzra SmokeshaperBogardan DragonheartElvish Fury
EyekiteFists of FlameHeadless SpecterOrcish HellraiserSegovian Angel
Treefolk UmbraSnow-Covered Mountain

My Pick: 《Orcish Hellraiser》

《Bogardan Dragonheart》 is combo with 《Goatnap》 and both are very easy to get. I think it’s too early to pick it and 《Eyekite》 and 《Orcish Hellraiser》 are better options. Since I have already 2 good red card, I go with Orcish even if it’s not very ambitious.

Pick 5

Changeling OutcastExcavating AnuridEyekiteFists of FlameMob
Rain of RevelationRecruit the WorthyReprobationSpinehorn MinotaurWall of One Thousand Cuts
Snow-Covered Swamp

My Pick: 《Mob》

《Changeling Outcast》 has the same problem as 《Faerie Seer》, very powerfull in UB and medium in other decks. I just go for this very late 《Mob》. Maybe black is open.

Pick 6

Tribute MageAnswered PrayersBogardan DragonheartFountain of IchorRansack the Lab
ReprobationStirring AddressTreefolk UmbraUmezawa's CharmSnow-Covered Mountain

My Pick: 《Snow-Covered Mountain》

《Answered Prayers》 is the best card in the pack but I have the feeling that the card doesn’t work with my previous picks. It can be strange but I’m going to pick the 《Snow-Covered Mountain》 here. It works well with 《Rime Tender》 if I end up green and/or 《Winter’s Rest》 if I end up blue.

Pick 7

Dismantling BlowFirst-Sphere GargantuaIgneous ElementalRecruit the WorthySpringbloom Druid
Stream of ThoughtThornadoTreetop AmbusherTrustworthy Scout

My Pick: 《Igneous Elemental》

This is a very strong pack for a 7th pick. I’m going for the second 《Igneous Elemental》 but I am very sad to pass a 《Springbloom Druid》.

Pick 8

Scuttling SliverNature's ChantNinja of the New MoonProhibitSpringbloom Druid
Stirring AddressThornadoWindcaller Aven

My Pick: 《Springbloom Druid》

Nevermind I got an other one. At this point, I am thinking about playing RG Splash blue.

Pack 1 Pick 9 to Pick 15

Snow-Covered MountainTribute MageQuakefoot CyclopsElvish Fury
Spinehorn MinotaurReprobationTrustworthy Scout

Pack 2

Pick 1

GenesisKing of the PrideSecluded SteppeWall of BlossomsCave of Temptation
Cleaving SliverGoblin ChampionGoblin War PartyPondering MageRansack the Lab
ShelterShenanigansSoul-Strike TechniqueTwin-Silk SpiderSnow-Covered Plains

My Pick: 《Wall of Blossoms》

It is a very close choice between 《Genesis》 and 《Wall of Blossoms》. At this point, I don’t have way to abuse 《Genesis》 so I go for the 《Wall of Blossoms》 but it can be a wrong decision. I played against 《Genesis》 a couple times before and it was a strong card.

Pick 2

Nether SpiritFarmstead GleanerUndead AugurArcum's AstrolabeBladeback Sliver
FrostwallaGeomancer's GambitGoblin ChampionRain of RevelationRime Tender
Soul-Strike TechniqueUmezawa's CharmWarteye WitchSnow-Covered Forest

My Pick: 《Rime Tender》

《Rime Tender》 is the reason why I picked Snow-Covered Basics. It’s just super strong if you can use the ability. Remember that it also untaps snow creatures.

Pick 3

Kaya's GuileShatter AssumptionsWatcher for TomorrowChoking TethersGoblin Champion
Headless SpecterMan-o'-WarMurasa BehemothProhibitSegovian Angel
Spore FrogWall of One Thousand CutsSnow-Covered Plains

My Pick: 《Man-o’-War》

Another 《Man-o’-War》 is a good reason to focus on the blue splash plan in my deck. Very happy to see the best common in the pick 3.

Pick 4

Eladamri's CallExcludeLonely SandbarFirst-Sphere GargantuaHeadless Specter
Nature's ChantNinja of the New MoonSoul-Strike TechniqueStirring AddressStream of Thought
Treetop AmbusherSnow-Covered Mountain

My Pick: 《Lonely Sandbar》

I’m still looking for ways to put lands in my gravayard here and 《Lonely Sandbar》 does the job. Also, I’m probably not really looking for 2 blue sources in play with my deck and it might just be the extra one I’m happy to Cycle.

Pick 5

Nantuko CultivatorThroatseekerAzra SmokeshaperFists of FlameMagmatic Sinkhole
Segovian AngelStream of ThoughtString of DisappearancesTrumpeting HerdViashino Sandsprinter
Warteye Witch

My Pick: 《Trumpeting Herd》

Even if I want to put lands in my gravayard, 《Trumpeting Herd》 is a much better card than 《Nantuko Cultivator》. It’s also another 2 for 1 card.

Pick 6

Generous GiftEnduring SliverLava DartRansack the LabReprobation
Springbloom DruidStream of ThoughtString of DisappearancesWarteye WitchSnow-Covered Mountain

My Pick: 《Springbloom Druid》

A second 《Springbloom Druid》 is exactly what I was looking for to fix both my blue splash and my 《Igneous Elemental》. I really needed more and 2 is the minimum number for the deck.

Pick 7

Face of DivinityRavenous GiantVesperlarkAzra SmokeshaperKnight of Old Benalia
Mind RakeNimble MongoosePyrophobiaSnow-Covered Swamp

My Pick: 《Pyrophobia》

A very late 《Pyrophobia》 looks like red is super open and players on our left understood signal from first pack. Remember, it was my P1P1 and now I have it P2P7.

Pick 8

Reap the PastCunning EvasionTalisman of HierarchyFirst-Sphere GargantuaGoblin Champion
Iceberg CancrixTreefolk UmbraSnow-Covered Swamp

My Pick: 《Reap the Past》

Wow. 《Reap the Past》 is an other super great way to make card advantage and it’s in our main colors. Super reward to have it as the 8th pick, I could have first pick it.

Pack 2 Pick 9 to Pick 15

Secluded SteppeArcum's AstrolabeSnow-Covered PlainsTreetop Ambusher
Warteye WitchStream of ThoughtFace of Divinity

Pack 3

Pick 1

Unsettled MarinerGlacial RevelationSoulherderTalisman of CreativityExcavating Anurid
EyekiteFists of FlameFountain of IchorHeadless SpecterMan-o'-War
Moonblade ShinobiReckless ChargeRecruit the WorthyViashino SandsprinterSnow-Covered Mountain

My Pick: 《Soulherder》

《Soulherder》 is pure combo with my 2 《Man-o’-War》, 2 《Springbloom Druid》, 2 《Igneous Elemental》, 《Wall of Blossoms》I already have a 《Snow-Covered Plains》 and I might just splash it as an only white card because it’s too powerful.

Pick 2

OneirophageTalisman of ResilienceUrza's RageCave of TemptationElvish Fury
Goblin War PartyHeadless SpecterNature's ChantRansack the LabScour All Possibilities
ShelterSpore FrogTrumpeting HerdSnow-Covered Mountain

My Pick: 《Trumpeting Herd》

An other 《Trumpeting Herd》, best green common, I believe it’s better than 《Urza’s Rage》 for our deck.

Pick 3

Force of VigorAbominable TreefolkConifer WurmCave of TemptationFirst-Sphere Gargantua
Fists of FlameGilded LightGoatnapMother BearRain of Revelation
Spore FrogWinter's RestSnow-Covered Forest

My Pick: 《Winter’s Rest》

This is a super difficult pick between 《Abominable Treefolk》, 《Conifer Wurm》 and 《Winter’s Rest》. They are all snow cards but I believe I’m looking for removals dealing with big guy. So I go for 《Winter’s Rest》 here. it’s also the card which needs the less snow permanent to be good.

Pick 4

Planebound AccompliceIcehide GolemTalisman of HierarchyBogardan DragonheartImpostor of the Sixth Pride
Nature's ChantProhibitRecruit the WorthyScour All PossibilitiesTreefolk Umbra
Venomous ChangelingSnow-Covered Swamp

My Pick: 《Icehide Golem》

The pack is not exiting for us, I just go with the 2/2 for 1, but I am probably not going to play it in this deck.

Pick 5

Splicer's SkillSquirrel NestAzra SmokeshaperCleaving SliverKnight of Old Benalia
Nature's ChantPhantasmal FormSavage SwipeSilumgar ScavengerUniversal Automaton
Snow-Covered Plains

My Pick: 《Squirrel Nest》

《Squirrel Nest》 is a strong card by its own, generating board presence and card advantage every turn. it’s a card you have to play if you play green.

Pick 6

Ravenous GiantWebweaver ChangelingGluttonous SlugGoblin ChampionNimble Mongoose
Spore FrogStirring AddressThornadoWarteye WitchWindcaller Aven

My Pick: 《Webweaver Changeling》

《Webweaver Changeling》 is the best card for our deck. We are not going to have the three creatures required easily but it’s already good to have reach creature with decent stats in a green deck.

Pick 7

Birthing BoughsEtchings of the ChosenAnswered PrayersGluttonous SlugNature's Chant
Treefolk UmbraTrumpeting HerdWall of One Thousand CutsWinding Way

My Pick: 《Trumpeting Herd》

How many 《Trumpeting Herd》 is too many? I am sure the answer is not 3 so we can pick this one too.

Pick 8

Feaster of FoolsNimble MongooseStream of ThoughtThornadoUmezawa's Charm
UnearthWarteye WitchSnow-Covered Swamp

My Pick: 《Thornado》

《Thornado》 is an important sideboard card against UR spells or Ninja deck with 《Smoke Shroud》.

Pack 3 Pick 9 to Pick 15

Excavating AnuridTalisman of ResilienceSnow-Covered ForestSnow-Covered Swamp
Cleaving SliverThornadoNature's Chant

Final Decklist and Conclusion

Here is the deck I finally submit:

Jeremy Dezani Draft Deck

As you can see I’m running 4 colors but with enough fixing. It’s little hard to play double green and double red + with 《Island》 and 《Plains》 but I choose to play all the best card I had. The deck still have 10 green sources + the Mage which can search for the 《Talisman of Resilience》. Then, I can get the red with the help of 《Springbloom Druid》.

I end with a easy 3-0 with the deck beating 3 UB Ninjas on the way.

Drafting Modern Horizons feel like drafting Cube sometime and I love it.

Thank you for reading,

Jeremy (Twitter / Twitch)

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