The Last Sun 2016 Event Coverage


The Last Sun 2016

Champion Naoki Shimizu!!

“The Last Sun 2016” which was held for two days of December 17th and 18th and all competitors in it were qualified or invited.

A total of 174 strong players and professional players gathered, The Last Sun finished the year with a Standard and Modern mixed format. The winning trophy and prize money 500,000 yen was grasped at Pro Tour Austin 09 Top 4, Pro Tour Avacyn Restored Top 8 “The Simic Prince” Naoki Shimizu!

TOP8 Decklists (Standard)

TOP8 Decklists (Modern)

TOP16 Decklists (Standard)

TOP16 Decklists (Modern)

Quarterfinals Semi Finals Finals Champion
1 Kyohei Miyake Kyohei Miyake
8 Toru Kono Kyohei Miyake
4 Kensuke Kato Kensuke Kato
Naoki Shimizu
5 Naoya Okada
2 Masahiro Suzuki Atsuki Kihara
7 Atsuki Kihara Naoki Shimizu
3 Takumi Utsunomiya Naoki Shimizu
6 Naoki Shimizu

TOP8 Players

Kyohei Miyake

(1st after Swiss)

Masahiro Suzuki

(2nd after Swiss)

Takumi Utsunomiya

(3rd after Swiss)

Kensuke Kato

(4th after Swiss)

Naoya Okada

(5th after Swiss)

Naoki Shimizu

(6th after Swiss)

Atsuki Kihara

(7th after Swiss)

Toru Kono

(8th after Swiss)